Mini Moto Tips

These are some quick adjustments and tips for the B1 liquid cooled minimoto that I have found helpful.

Extra heat protection:

To protect the bike I've put some aluminum tape on the inside of the fairing at the closest point to the exhaust and on the underside of the fuel tank. I? Ve done this because the engine gets so hot I wanted to protect the fairing from melting, and it doesn't hurt to protect the fuel tank for the same reasons!

My cooling system tips:

When you run out of cooling liquid for your B1 rep, use is distilled water which is available at your local garage, add some food coloring to it so that you can easily tell the level and away you go.

Only fill the reservoir to a quarter full, this is easily enough coolant and it leaves room for the pressure.

Once you have filled the coolant reservoir, there is often air locks in the system. To get rid of these start the bike and allow it to warm up, then bounce the bike (gently) on its back tire with the bike vertical. Do this a few times, this should get rid of the air locks in the system and prevent overheating. The coolants level may need to be topped up now.

Where not to ride:

Hi just bought my new B1 air cooled from you guys. Thanks it's a great bike. A quick word of advice for your other customers. DO NOT RIDE YOUR MINI MOTO ON THE ROAD. My friend (who also rides a mini moto, but on tracks where they are supposed to be ridden!) Is a police man (boooo!) And the law is very strict:

The driver or rider of a motorized board or cycle on a road could face heavy fines, endorsement of license, disqualification and in the case of dangerous driving, up to 2 years imprisonment.

Remember that the term road includes not only a carriageway but also pavements and verges and also any highway which encompasses footpaths, bridleways and by-ways.

It can also include privately owned roads to which the public have access and has in some cases included car parks?

Car park warriors beware !!! ???

Here's a good tip. Before riding your mini moto you will need to make sure that your wheels and chain are aligned. Here's how. Loosen the bolts on the back wheel so that you can move it. Place a piece of perfectly straight wood (I used a meter stick) up against the front wheel. When the front wheel is straight the meter stick should be flush against both the front of the tire and the back. Then it's a simple case of lining up the back wheel. The chain should now also be straight.

Changing the gearing on your mini moto is simple. A bigger front sprocket combined with a smaller rear sprocket creates a smaller ratio, this means that the mini moto will have better accelelaration but less top spead. A smaller front sprocket with a bigger back sprocket will give your mini moto a better top speed but slower acceleration.

Here are the possible variations of gearing: The lower the ratio the faster acceleration. The higher ratio, the better the top speed.

8/54 6.75> 1

8/56 7> 1

8/58 7.25> 1

8/60 7.5> 1

7/54 7.714285714> 1

8/62 7.75> 1

7/56 8> 1

8/64 8> 1

7/56 8> 1

8/66 8.25> 1

7/58 8.285714286> 1

8/68 8.5> 1

7/60 8.571428571> 1

8/70 8.75> 1

7/62 8.857142857> 1

8/72 9> 1

6/54 9> 1

7/64 9.142857143> 1

8/74 9.25> 1

6/56 9.333333333> 1

7/66 9.428571429> 1

8/76 9.5> 1

6/58 9.666666667> 1

7/68 9.714285714> 1

8/78 9.75> 1

6/60 10> 1

7/70 10> 1

7/72 10.28571429> 1

6/62 10.33333333> 1

7/74 10.57142857> 1

6/64 10.66666667> 1

7/76 10.85714286> 1

6/66 11> 1

7/78 11.14385714> 1

6/68 11.33333333> 1

6/70 11.66666667> 1

6/72 12> 1

6/74 12.33333333> 1

6/76 12.66666667> 1

6/78 13> 1

I tried 7/56 with my B1 Rep at GP Karting, I think that this is just about right for that track as it has lotts of tight corners. Might go to Stretton soon so I can try my 7/68 setup. This should be good for the straights however it may take a while to get up to speed !!

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